Cameras start recording too late

We have a doorbell and three stick up cameras around the house. I’ve noticed that on motion events, the recording seems to start several seconds into the event, when the movement has clearly been going on for several seconds.
Is there a way to get the camera to start recording sooner into the motion event?
All my motion settings are set to medium-high already. Would turning them to high get the recording to start sooner? Or would I just get more frequent recordings that start partway into the event?
Thanks for your insight.

Good question @DarrenUlrich! As every environment varies from the next, the best way to perfect your motion detection is through trial and error. Maximizing settings can certainly increase detection efficiency, but could also result in many more events notifying you. This will be where testing different settings and features will come in.

More motion is always better than not enough, and there are motion scheduling features to avoid excessive alerts during certain times of the day. Keep in mind that physical adjusting the angle of your Ring devices can also help optimize detection. For instance, stairs leading up to your Doorbell might present the need for a Wedge kit piece to angle downwards.

In addition to accomplishing more detection, please also consider the time between events and when your Doorbell might be busy with a prior event. A late motion might actually be the result of a recent motion needing to finish notifying and recording, before returning to a motion ready state. This can be altered with recording length, and motion frequency depending on your device model. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: