Cameras skipping pixelated

I am hoping someone can help me with a strange problem I have been having for months. Ring can’t seem to help me and my cameras used to operate find with no problems …

My setup consists of:

10 x stick up cam battery cameras ( 3rd gen )
1 x spotlight cam pro battery
1 x floodlight cam pro wired
1 x video doorbell 3

My home connection in Australia is the NBN network ( 1000mbps down / 50mbps up ) I have a Asus Router ( GT-AX11000 ) and other Asus Routers setup as access points throughout my property to assist the signal strength for the cameras. It is a two storey home.

None of my cameras are over -60 RSSI. All have a strong connection, live view generally loads instantly.

Previously I had no issues, over the past 12 months I have noticed the Ring service to degrade considerably. The video feeds seem to be very heavily compressed, I am noticing a consistent pause/skip in live view and recordings on all videos every 2 or 3 seconds. When it skips/pauses you can actually see it go pixelated for a second then come good again. This happens on live view and recordings, and is a consistant timed skip/pause every 2-3 seconds.

Any advice on what could be causing this ? I am about to throw all my ring products in the bin as the support and quality does not seem to be what it used to 2 years ago.

I work in IT and know how to configure a network properly, but yet RIng act like people are dumb and will go away and blame my equipment.

The ring phone support just tell me it must be my internet connection or my wifi but yet are not listening when I tell support I never used to have this problem. I have spent ALOT of money on my ring products and subscription and get no support from Ring at all.

Thanks !