Cameras randomly disconnecting and staying disconnected until factory reset

I have 5 cameras on my property. I will frequently have one or two disconnect from the wifi and they will be disconnected for days or weeks until i manually do a factory reset. They do not reconnect on their own. I was told by customer support that it is normal to require a factory reset to reconnect, but the unreliability is a major issue for me. Having cameras go out frequently and not reconnect until i do it myself defeats the purpose of having cameras.

Mine just did that yesterday. It is a ring stick up cam that lost connection. Even after doing a factory reset TWICE it would not connect. It always ended with “setup not complete.” I have good WiFi so I shouldn’t be having these problems.

my camera has similar issue, failed to connect.

For a test, move you WiFi access point as close to the camera as possible (or move it to your WiFi AP). You may still need to power cycle or reset it for it to try and connect again. If it does then likely whereever you have your camera placed isn’t getting a good WiFi signal. Outside walls are notoriously difficult for signals to go through.

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Hi @easonblake. What is the RSSI for these devices that are falling offline? You can find the RSSI in the Device Health menu of the Ring app. If you have a low RSSI, you may need to add a Chime Pro to your network to improve connectivity.