Cameras have stopped changing with Modes

Hi, as of yesterday all of our stick up cameras have stopped changing from motion detection when the scheduled mode changes from Home to Disarmed on a morning. They still begin motion detection when the schedule changes from Disarmed to Home mode at night but don’t then switch back when it changes back to Disarmed (as they’re configured to do in Mode settings), meaning that I now need to disable motion detection on each manually every morning. They all worked fine in each mode until yesterday and the settings are still the same as always so I’m not sure what’s happened or how to fix it. Yesterday I changed and saved the mode settings then changed them back and saved again thinking that might clear the glitch but the issue remained this morning. Changing the Mode manually has no effect either so it’s not the scheduling. Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

EDIT - Having called customer services this morning we’ve determined that deleting and recreating the schedules fixes the issue - no idea why but it does. I’ll leave here for others’ awareness unless someone wants to delete the post.

Hi @user73530. Thanks for updating your post to let us know our support team was able to help resolve this! Whenever a schedule in the Ring app stops working, deleting it and recreating it as a great troubleshooting step to try, as it usually fixes the problem. :slight_smile:

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