Cameras don’t automatically switch to alarm pro backup network?

Hey everyone,

Question for you. I have the Ring Alarm Pro and pay for monitoring. I have 3 cameras. A doorbell wired and two spotlight cams with battery and solar. I just had a storm and all power went out and the cameras all went offline.

I got notification that the alarm had switched to back up power and backup built in cellular connection but nothing on cameras. Called ring and they said the cameras don’t switch automatically and that to do this you have to climb up and reset the cameras manually. Seems crazy if this is true. Does anyone else have insight on this? I would think they should just automatically switch to the backup cellular connection?

Thanks so much!

Hi @Thebrits. This Help Center article here will have some troubleshooting steps for the 24/7 Backup Internet, with some additional resources at the bottom of that page. This Help center article here also has some great information about Backup Internet. You can chose which devices will remain online in the event internet is lost by selecting the Base Station and tapping the Data tile. I hope this helps!