Cameras disconnecting from wifi and/or extender?

Had issues with my outdoor stickup cameras and spotlight cameras disconnecting randomly from wifi. My indoor cameras were rock solid. All devices connected to house wifi (Cox Panaramic Wifi). Checked all devices signal strength and outdoor devices were unacceptably high.
Upgraded Cox Wifi to latest model, only small improvement.
Purchased 2 highly recommended extenders and reconfigured network. Didn’t work.
Was about to buy Cox pod extenders, way too expensive!
Realized Ring Chime Pro was also a wifi extender. Don’t laugh too hard!
Repositioned my Chime Pro in back of house to accomodate line of sight. Connected spotlight cams to it. Works great!
Added 2nd Chime Pro in garage for stickup cams to accomodate line of sight. Connected them and they work great!
Through my surfing of the Ring Community, I didn’t find any reference to this solution. With that, its definately worth a try versus replacing system to another brand. Good luck!

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