Camera to Watch Mother

I have a situation. My mother is bedridden and I would like to put a camera in her room. I can figure that out. Here is issue (1) how would I be able to watch the camera when need be. I am in another state. (2) More difficult, what could I do to have her review the footage as easily as possible. She is not a phone or tablet person and I can’t figure out if echo could do this. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Hi there, @jcuticchia! What a great way to ensure your mother is safe. At Ring we pride ourselves in providing many solutions for many of our neighbors’ needs. Your scenario certainly comes with some options.

Whenever a family member or friend wants to be added to a Camera owned by someone else, this is best done through Share Users. Shared Users can access videos that are recorded, can answer live events, and more.

As for reviewing recordings, this can be done in many ways. The easiest method that comes to mind would be via the Ring app event history section. This is easiest for a few reasons:

  1. The Ring app will remain logged in for up to 30 days before logging out for inactivity, as opposed to viewing recordings on a web browser which logs out frequently, for instance.

  2. The steps to view videos in the Ring app are as quick as - Open the Ring app > tap the main menu (3 lines / top right) > select Event History.

  3. Doing this through an Alexa enabled device might create some automation, but also adds another smart home device and does not provide as great of a Ring events view as the Ring app.

Keep in mind, for ease of use/ access, you can be the owner (controlling account/ settings/ billing) while your mother is added as Shared User. This would simply limit to options she might see in the Ring app, thus making it easier to navigate.

These are just my personal recommendations given your desired use case. As stated previously, there are so many options to accomplish this, so feel free to check back here or around the Community to see if other neighbors have shared even better solutions! :slight_smile: