Camera Timeline Glitching

We got two of the indoor cameras and have had them up for 3 days now. Spy 1 & Spy 2 they’re called. Spy 1 yesterday for some reason when clicking on the time line, though showing motions are there before scrolling, upon scrolling it glitches, they disappear and it only showed a shot from 8pm the night before. I tried rebooting it, updating the app, to no avail. I ended up removing the device and adding it again and so far it’s worked since last night.

When going to bed last night Spy 2 has now started doing it. I’ve uploaded a video to show what happens. And weirdly is glitches to show the video of my partner feeding the cats at 22:04 but this is actually a clip from about 5pm, and my partner was actually in bed with me when watching this clip.

This happened on my partners phone as well. Any help is appreciated

Hi @user75789. I’ve shared this with my team and we’d like to take a closer look into this concern. Please, send us a Private Message on Facebook or Twitter so one of our specialized support agents can assist you with this.