Camera set to send motion alerts on Away mode but alerts come in before exit delay is complete

I have a Ring indoor camera in my garage set to send motion alerts only when my Ring alarm is in away mode. However, it is sending motion alerts to my phone after I enter my alarm code to put it into away mode but before the 60 second exit delay is finished. So technically the alarm is not in away mode yet but the camera is alerting me on motion as soon as I enter the code. Is there a way to have the camera not send motion alerts in away mode until the exit delay is complete?

Good question, @ostrojo! When using both Alarm Modes and Camera Modes together, the entry or exit delay will still apply to the Alarm system. As it is only the Alarm that recognizes the entry/ exit delay set, your Camera modes will likely initiate immediately, while the delay is still counting down.

Shortening the delay, can help to limit this timing between your Alarm Modes and Camera Modes changing. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: