Camera sees some things but misses others

Hello all,
So earlier this week, I put my Christmas tree on the curb for local recycling. I noticed yesterday that it was gone. My Ring is new to me, so I thought “cool, I’ll see who took it”. I logged into my account on my PC (because scrolling through two days of events is mind numbing on the app - please add filters to the app). I show a car passing my house at 5:46AM a car drives by and I can clearly see the tree sitting by my driveway. The very next event is at 7:01 AM when a person walking a dog walks by the house and “LO AND BEHOLD” the tree is gone.

This is a 7 foot Christmas tree so it’s not inconsequential. Why would I not have that activity show up, when it’s clearly picking up people, and cars, and the time between was enough to not be related to timing.

Any thoughts would be appreciated!


I am not an electrical engineer - but I am coming to the conclusion that large trucks (Amazon/delivery/garbage) are somehow interfering with the ring wifi universe. I doubt the garbage truck jammed your wifi on purpose.

OR - you had a lot of other things happening in your ring world between 6 and 7 AM that got in the way of your tree pickup.

OR - ring elected to upgrade your ring world during that timeframe and your device was temporarily disabled.

OR - your ISP had a hiccup and your wifi was down or degraded between 6 and 7 AM.

OR - the event was truly observed but for some reason it was not properly preserved in the ring cloud.

Anyone else ?

Edit : How about we open up your ring diagnostic log file and have a look ?