camera says "low battery", but at 70%

I have them camera hooked to ring solar panel and it shows 70% charge, but I got notice it needs charging. Also, a week ago the camera went dead and I had to charge via USB.

I tried to attache picture, but app is eating it.

Here is picture from app. Looks like it is charging, but it’s not. IS there a setting I have missed when hooking it up to Solar panel?

Hey @BikerNerd. It does look like it’s charging! What does the Device Health page look like as well? For the Solar Panel, it needs about 4 hours or more of direct sunlight for it to help charge your battery in the device. Also, if you’re having more than 10 motion events a day, this can cause excessive drainage on your camera. I would revisit your motion settings if you have a lot of activity on your device, as this will help with the battery life! Lastly, I would recommend to clean the area, unplug/replug it in to make sure that this is not the fix it needs as well!

5 events or less per day. Full charge via USB on Saturday. Got notice yesterday it needed chargeing even though health said 70%, it was a sunny day and the icon showed 100% charging.

Today, Camera is dead…again.

I’m going to swap batteries with my front camera and see if the problem moves with the battery. I have a feeling I’ll get to explore the Warranty system via Ring.

@BikerNerd Definitely try another battery! If another battery seems to do the same thing, I definitely urge you to reach out to our support team here to have this conversation. :slight_smile: