Camera resolution & Connection Speed

Just installed my Ring 2. The resolution is terrible and by the time can get the video to start the person at the door has left. Suggestions?

Hey @Admiral. Can you show us what this quality looks like? What is your RSSI for your device? What do your speeds look like when you preform a test on wifi only by the install location from Can you test out the Rapid Ring app and see if when you ding your Doorbell or when someone else does, if you can quickly pull up the Live View from that app?

I just had a Ring 2 professionally installed where my former old-school dorbell was. I keep getting messages that there is motion but it just tells me "Activating Device"and I can’t see video at all. I got this because i am recently widowed and wanted to feel a little safer without my spouse here. It doesn’t make me feel safe at all that the video is so delayed.