Camera questions

I have two questions. First, I just bought a stick up cam for our back porch. It doesn’t sense movement as well as I’d hoped. I’ve turned motion detection sensitivity to Max, Motion Frequency to Frequent, and have enabled Motion Verification. Our back porch and the patio below are visible on the screen but it doesn’t notify me of movement unless it’s pretty deliberate movement on the back porch. With these settings, the battery is already warning that it’s low, after a couple hours. Any suggestions?

Second, I’ve considered replacing a floodlight with a hardwired security floodlight. Since it’s hardwired, if that light switch gets turned off, is the camera disabled?

Thank you.

Hey @cltucker. Could you attach a screenshot of what the Live View for your camera back porch looks like? It sounds like it may need to be angled down more or such, so seeing this would help a lot!

To address your Floodlight Cam question, if you turn off the switch it will turn off all power to the device! Therefore, you will need to have power constantly going through the device to have the Cam part functioning, but you can turn on/off the lights through the app, as well as set a schedule for them.

Thank you, Chelsea. I’ve attached a screenshot. It does seem to be picking up more motion now. Wind set it off a couple times, it seems. So I’ve turned the sensitivity down a little.