Camera Preview Tile Position Bug - Android 3.66.0

This recently started happening in 2023. The camera video tiles on the app dashboard keep randomly moving around. It is driving me nuts to have to constantly rearrange the tiles.

@beaconMan posted in December about this as a Feature Request, but its been closed and about to be deleted. Not sure why as I was going to vote for it. But I definitely think its a bug, not a feature request. We use Android devices.

@Caitlyn_Ring can you please report to app team? Calling the support line doesn’t help because they don’t know how to handle complaints about app.

Rearranging does not resolve the issue, neither does reinstalling the app… Help as this has gotten old and it is only on Android!

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Been having issue when in Grid View, the previews are rearranging themselves. I have already arranged almost everyday and they continue to change the order. App has already been reinstalled. I don’t have this issue on my iPad. Only on my Samsung S10 android device.

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Add me to the list of frustrated Customers awaiting a fix. Android 12 on Samsung S10e.

My problem is the same as everyone else. The tiles/thumbnails rearrange themselves randomly in Grid View on the app. Yes, I can long press them and rearrange them, but later they’ll rearrange themselves in an order not chosen by me. Uninstall/reinstall makes no difference and manually rearranging them just leads to them rearranging themselves at a time and order of their choosing. PLEASE FIX THIS. Version 3.67.1 Android Galaxy S23 Ultra

I have the same problem. My phone is Pixel 8 pro, android version 14, Ring app 3.67.1. Since Nov I got this problem and I can tell when there is a trigger on a cam, grid view will mess up. Once a cam is triggered, you open the app and all grid view positions will be changed. Sometimes the latest trigger will be put on the top left hand corner but sometimes just randomly placed.
In Nov I thought it was due to my old android phone running at android 12 causing it however it proof that even I changed my phone, install app new and problem still the same. Please fix it.

Recevied app update 3.68.0 Friday.

Amazing this still isn’t fixed after over 2 months, for something that was fixed once already.

I agree entirely. Perhaps it would be a good thing if the Ring reps actually take a few seconds to think about a problem before spouting the company line.

NOT A SOLUTION!!! Please think before you write nonsense.

Is Ring every going to fix this?

Hi neighbors, our team has been able to reproduce this issue in order to develop a fix. The resolution is included in app release 3.69, which is expected to be fully rolled out by February 13th. Please make sure to keep your Ring app updated, and keep in mind that app updates are on a slow rollout over a period of time. Thank you for your patience.

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