Camera Preview Tile Position Bug - Android 3.66.0

After updating to Android app version v. 3.65.1 the camera preview tiles are again randomly repositioning themselves several times per day in the Ring app not retaining their order. This is occurring across different Android devices after the app update (Android 13 and 9).


Received Android app update 3.66.0 yesterday and the issue is still present.


Hi @5150Joel. Thank you for sharing this concern. Try uninstalling and reinstalling the Ring app on your phone to see if it helps. If not, please give our support team a call to have this further investigated. Give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here.

Everytime all of a sudden when i check my cameras, theu are all rearranged. I have dragged them back to where I priginally had them and then they rearrange themselves again. I have changed them back about 5 times now with hokding them down a d dragging them and they keep rearranging themselves. I have over a dozen cameras and need them in a particular order bevause my son is medically fragile and i need to see his pulse ox machines, as well as check on my sick dog. Please help. Need this fixed asap.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the appa dn everything else i can think of. Ot seems like ots a system error.

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Hi @user69709. What type of phone is this happening on and what version of the Ring app is installed?

I had reported the same issue on 11-13 here:

I called in to Ring support on the 22nd asking they pass the issue along to the development team.

In my case I’m using two Samsung S21+'s running Android 13 and a Samsung S8 running Android 9.

The issue started with the Ring 3.65.1 update and continues with the 3.66.0 update across all of my Androids.

I have 11 cameras and it’s quite frustrating having to rearrange the tiles back to the correct order several times a day.

This problem appears to be the same thing I had reported back in 2020 with a previous app update:


It started around 1 month ago: cameras in the dashboard of the Ring app for Android (latest version available as I have automatic app updates enabled in my smartphone) are reordered ramdomly.
After Reordring the cameras manually manually, it is preserved for a few hours, or perhaps a whole day. Then the cameras are reordered again, ramdomly again.
The only thing that seems to help extending the time during which the order is preserved is uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

This is happening consistently over different smartphones and Android OS versions.

May main smartphone details are as follows:
Samsung Galaxy S20+
Android version 13
Security patch level November 1st 2023
Ring App for Android version 3.67.0

Is this a known issue?
Is there anything I could do to mitigate or fully prevent this from happening?

Preserving the Camera’s order in the dashboard is important.
And Reordring is frustrating and time consuming.

Thanks in advance for any feedback or comments


The same thing has been happening to me over the past week… its super annoying! I hope they figure it out soon and fix it.


Same issue, I have my cameras set to a specific order and everytime i leave the app it changes. Hopefully they send out an update to fix it :crossed_fingers:


I’m having the same problem on my Google Pixel XL 7 Pro. It started a week or so ago. Now every time I open the app, the preview tiles are rearranged in a radom order. Over and over I reset them in the order I want them. But it’s a waste of time because the next time I use the app the tiles are in some random order again. Please fix this issue.

PS: Providing directions on how to rearrange the preview tiles, like an agent did on here a couple of years ago, is NOT a “solution”. How can that be a solution when the app is just going rearrange them again? The only solution is for Ring to fix the software so it saves the order in which we set the tiles and stops randomly rearranging them. There is no point in us having the ability to rearrange the tiles if they are not going to stay in the order we arranged them.

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I’m having the same problem. The preview tiles don’t stay in the order I set them. Every time I open the app, the preview tiles have been rearranged. I reset them every time. And each time their order us messed up again the next time I open the app.

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Same problem here. Please into this.

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please fix this - extremely annoying been happening for a few weeks now. Called Tech support twice - first time zero help wanted screen shots sent to invalid email, then 2nd time oh this is the first we’re wearing, sent more screen shots and they tell me this has always been the way for the app. No - no it hasn’t.

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Received app update 3.67.1 yesterday and the problem is actually worse now. The camera tiles are being rearranged almost every time I open the app.

Been over a month with multiple people (including myself) having both called into support and posting here about this issue. Please fix this.


Hi neighbors, thank you for your continued feedback on this matter. I have merged all the associated threads on this topic into one, and shared this post with the appropriate team. If you haven’t done so already, please do reach out to our support team so they can gather any necessary information to troubleshoot this. If you’ve already contacted support, you do not need to again.

You should be able to manually drag and drop the preview tiles to your desired order. If you’ve done this, and they still rearrange themselves, please share that in this thread or with support when you call. I have marked this reply as the temporary solution so neighbors can quickly locate this information. We will update the solution as needed. Again, thank you for your feedback and patience as our team looks into this further.

With 14 Ring CAMS I can easily scan the interior and exterior of my house. I have arranged the thumbnails on the Ring Dashboard in the way I like. To my surprise, at random times, the application rearranges the thumbnails on my Dashboard (“musical chairs”) to the way it likes. The result is illogical, and chaotic, and I then need to manually rearrange the thumbnails to the way I last had them Feature request: leave the arrangement of my thumbnails alone! (I actually regard this issue as a software bug. I do not know of any logical reason or user benefit as to why the thumbnails are rearranged.)

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Thank you Caitlyn. Yes, we are able to rearrange the tiles back to our desired order. They continue to rearrange themselves into a random order several times a day. I had conveyed this all to support when I called on 11-13.

@5150Joel Thank you for letting us know the issue persists after rearranging them. It’s also good that you conveyed this information to support, as that allowed them to notate that. Our teams are still looking into this issue, and we’ll share any updates in this thread once we know more.

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I have an android. Galaxy s23 ultra. It is still doing this. Since this started when i am not home and my nurse is messaging me to look at the cameras to see my son, it takes forever to scroll tonfind the correct camera because my son was having a seizure

i have not been able to rush onto my cameras fast enough to see if my dog that is having kidney failire is ok. Litterally i was just woken up by yelping and it took me so long to find the camera for her room to see what is going on bevause i coild not leave my medically fragile child thats on oxygen alone.

This is not good at all and is effecting our lives in such a negetive way.
Why hasnt this been fixed? I see peoples comments from months ago. Please HELP!

On 1-27-2020 this same issue was introduced with version 3.22.1

This issue was resolved on 3-6-2020 with version 3.23.0.

The exact issue returned with v3.66.0 in November 2023.

Astounding the changelog from v3.23.0 can’t be referenced to again resolve this issue. Close to two months now for what should be an easily resolvable problem being it was fixed once already.

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