Camera Preview not available on Ring App

I have good Wi-Fi, and Ring camera is successfully installed but cannot get a Camera Preview to show up on my Ring App.

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Hi @PIPES. Are you receiving an error message where the camera preview would show in the Ring app? Or is the camera preview not updating? Feel free to share a screenshot demonstrating what you’re seeing on your end. Additionally, are you using an iOS or Android phone?

Same is happening to me. Says Ring camera preview not available. Also not recording motion. My signal is strong. Have a driveway spot cam and it working perfectly. Help…

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Hi @Laura1643. Are you on an iOS or Android phone? Which model of Ring Camera are you experiencing this concern with? What is the RSSI for it? The model name and RSSI can both be found on the Device Health page in the Ring app.

I too am having the same issue. RSSI is 58 and 62 for each of my devices. Screenshot attached. Android phone is what I am using for the Ring app.

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Hi @user34133. I was able to find this post with other neighbors that are experiencing a similar concern. There is a marked solution in the post as well.


Android note 10+, ring 2nd gen, rssi is -48

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