Camera Playback

I have the following type Ring Camera.

My question is why does the playback (on a recorded event) have to block the bottom 1/3rd of the screen?

This is frustrating because we are giving a stray cat a warm, dry bed; food; and water. And by the time the Ring starts recording, the cat is usually behind that annoying, black strip where the Play, Rewind, Fast-Forward is located. It’s on for the first 5 seconds of playback. It would be okay if that Playback “Strip” was transparent.

Just putting that out there. Thanks in advance.

Hi @WhatIsYourName. Would you be able to provide a screenshot of what you are seeing? This will help the Community determine what might be happening. Additionally, you can download these videos to view them on different media sources to see if that offers a solution. I hope this helps!