Camera picks up cats but not car

I have a ring wireless spotlight camera. I am trying to detect cars and people in my driveway. Cats keep setting of the motion detection so I turned on people only, and now I get nothing half the time. UPS and Fedex back right up to the camera, walk under it to the door and then leave and still triggers nothing for motion alerts. Any help would be good.

Hi there, @Ateam! As every home is different, we expect the motion configuration to also vary by location. For this reason, some motion features that are intended to benefit certain environments might not necessarily be needed for yours. People Only Mode is intended to refine your motion alerts to those caused by people only. This can vary depending on Ring device you have and other settings, as described in our help center article. Feel free to disable People Only and try out some other settings to see which ones work best for you. The best method of optimizing motion detection is through trial and error. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I have turned off the people only mode and then everything sets off the motion. Wind blowing snow sets it off. Cats set it off. Very annoying and disappointing.