Camera out of WiFi range

i am installing my outdoor security camera on my nearby garage. It is just out of WiFi range by about 2 metres.
I am looking at an extender but it must use the same address & passcode as the router to connect.
Can any body recommend the best extender?
Would the ring Chime Pro (second gen) be the answer?
Any advice appreciated!

Hi @user38882. We do not have a specific wifi extender to recommend, but if it is only 2 meters out of wifi range with no obstructions, a Chime Pro should be able to help. This Help Center article will go over how wifi extenders work to hopefully also help you decide what to use.

Thank you for your reply - a Chime Pro is only GBP49.99. Sounds a good solution. I have subsequently tried a Netgear AC1900 Extender (which uses the same SSID as the router) and that works too - curiously the price is the same!
Thanks again


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