Camera on, sending motion alerts, but you cant connect to view video

So crap. your on holiday, your getting motion alerts, but you cant connect to it to view video. The camera right next to it does work and you can connect to it. So wifi is fine and strong. The camera right next to it was the first Ring camera i bought, which was crap at motion alerts…

Can’t any manufacturer just build something half decent?! I’ve been through d-link, eziviz, swan, everyone of them has major, major issues.

Hi @user3416. Live View concerns could be due to various different reasons, as everyone’s home and network conditions will vary. You can locate some troubleshooting tips and tricks for Live View in our Community post here. I would also recommend checking the RSSI on the Camera you’re unable to access the Live View for, as the RSSI indicates the strength of the wifi connection its receiving.

The camera was still throwing out motion alerts… but you couldn’t connect to view the video. There is NOTHING wrong with the network, as a camera right next to it is working.

ALL i had to do to ‘fix’ the problem was turn the camera off and on. Bloody difficult to this when your on holiday…

Therefore your system cant be trusted, get me my money back.

Can anyone recommend a system that actually works?

I too am experiencing this. One stick-up cam goes off-line periodically. Thought that it was the battery going flat at first. Then it happened again a week later. Battery health was at around 80 percent. Removed the battery and put it back in. Cam booted back up.

This week, we were away on holidays. Getting motion alerts from this cam. Opened Ring app to view them. Nothing suspicious, but we noticed that the camera was “off-line”, even though, via notifications we could view recorded vision.

What is causing this? Wifi signal is good at RSSI-54.


Hey neighbors! I’d recommend following up with our support team on this so they can help walk you through all applicable troubleshooting steps. Especially since your Ring Cameras are showing as offline but still sending motion alerts, this could require more advanced troubleshooting with your Ring App or your Ring Camera itself. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.