Camera Notifications

Morning Neighbours

I’m getting notifications from my Solar Spotlight cam when buses and trucks drive by the front of my house. The settings are on ‘People Only’ so I’m not sure how this is happening? Also I have trimmed the zone in Advanced Settings to way below the road level. I’ve turned the camera off as it is getting so many notifications it is pointless being on. I’d have to spend my day viewing them all to see what is happening…

Also both my cameras are misting up over night, the one at the rear of the house is way worse. Yesterday it wasn’t viewable from 20:30 until 13:30 the next day, once again no use at all to me. I’ve spoke to Ring Chat about this and they recommended an Anti Mist Spray. Can anyone tell me one they are using as they didn’t say which one before the chat ended. I’m in the Uk.

Many thanks

Hi @MrOrange. Many neighbors have found success using a product called Rain-X. If this is available in the UK, it would be worth trying! This should help with the misting you are experiencing!