Camera Notifications

My camera is mounted next to the front door but my driveways is 20m long and I dont get notified that someone is on the driveway until they are right at the front door. Also if a car parks on the front edge of the driveway, I am not notified of its arrival.
What can I do to get notified earlier … basically as early as possible when there is activity on the drive.

Thank you for your time and help.

Ring cameras go to “sleep” to save battery power. Thus it take a moment (10 - 15 seconds maybe) for them to wake up and start recording once motion is detected.
You can tweak your various motion settings such as Frequency and Sensitivity if your system supports it. I did that when I just had my doorbell camera and I then got about 90-95% of the visitors.
Alternatively, you could add an additional camera to your setup and link both of them. I have my doorbell and one on my garage. The garage one sees the person walking up the driveway or even when they drive up and turns on the doorbell to record. The doorbell then records the whole walkup to the door.