Camera notifications inconsistent

Ring Security Cameras - I think the model # is 8SF1P7 - hard-wired
Samsung S8 phone / Samsung Watch3

A number of problems beginning a few months ago. I suspect (hope) it is all one problem.
Camera lights come on intermittently. No audible/visual notification. No video on the Ring app. Light comes on/goes out as it should
For a few hours a day, the Cameras give audible notification and my watch vibrates as it should. Usually late AM. The rest of the time I get a watch vibration or nothing from either device
Infrequently, I get a watch vibration and the watch displays a still pic from the camera. Nothing audible. Most of the time, just notes which camera sends the notification.
All of this is true of all cameras. How do I resolve this?

Hi there, @requiredusername! It definitely looks like a few different behaviors are being observed here. The best approach is to factor out what we can first. During the times when notifications are not working as intended, try checking your event history to confirm a motion event was indeed captured. Keep in mind, the lights on your Camera may not always trigger a motion event. There may be times, depending on which settings/ features you’ve selected, where lights might trigger, but motion does not. This is best fine tuned in your motion and light settings, in the Ring app.

Once events are confirmed as being received in your event history, the next best step will be to rule out mobile device variables. As you are using an Android device, please ensure there are no Android apps that might conflict with the Ring app, and that there is no vpn enabled. If possible, try another mobile device entirely. Please note, at this time, the Ring app does not directly support any official smart watch integrations. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply.
How do I ensure there are no [Android apps that might conflict with the Ring?
Any idea why I get a still pic on my watch sometimes, but usually just a notification from the camera?

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Of course, @requiredusername! To check for conflicting Android apps, simply reference the article linked in my prior response and disable or remove any apps that you might have, that also appear on that list. As the smart watches are not directly supported by Ring, or officially integrated with the Ring app, the functionality could certainly differ. If your smart watch is receiving your Rich Text notifications, but the Ring app/ mobile device is only receiving the standard push notification without a Rich Notification following closely behind, this could indeed be related to Android mobile device variables.