Camera not showing live view / no updates

Hello. The only camera I have does not seem to be connected to my wifi. I can’t communicate with it. It is 10 hours away from me. Can this problem be resolved remotely?

Unless you can remotely reboot your router it can’t be done with Ring. A router reboot may trigger it to connect. But the Ring apps can’t help with it.

Thanks for that. I can definitely reboot my router, but with this experience, I’m afraid I’ll lose contact with my other Ring devices. Is this a problem only with cameras or are the other devices just as finicky?

I took a chance, rebooted the router. But no luck.

When I try to reconnect, it says, “Wait for your Stick Up Cam to enter setup mode.” and asks me if the light is flashing blue.

Hi @bek1. Since the remote router reboot did not connect the device back and online, you may need to wait until you are with the device again to reconnect it. It’s possible it could come back online by itself, but if it hasn’t by now, it will be unlikely. If you are not going to be home anytime soon, I recommend having someone that can get access to your Ring app and log in go through reconnecting it again, as you will need to be with the device, walking through this steps, so you can press the setup button. Hope this helps clear it up for you!