Camera not showing any motion unless directly next to it.

My Ring Doorbell 2 is not longer showing any motion unless you get directly next to it. I had 2 packages delivered the other day, and when I watch the entire day in playback, there is no sign of a truck or a person in my driveway. I checked the mail today and although the camera can see my driveway, the only video that appears of me is when I’m directly next to the camera, walking in my door. Same for when I left yesterday in my car, when I play the morning back there is no video to show my car coming in or leaving the driveway.

It showed everything before, so I don’t think it has anything to do with the position of the camera. Can someone help? Do I need to reset it?

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No it’s this new update its completely screwed the motion detection up. I think at this stage I’m going to get a refund and try another company. Ring products seem to be awful unreliable.