Camera not reporting motion for specific person.

Strange one this. Our stick up cam with battery is working really well for our elderly relative where we’re covering the door entrance. Except, the last couple of visits by the carer have either not registered or the recording is blank. Is there a way the camera can be interfered with so that recordings are not made? I can understand she doesn’t want to be recorded but it’s only for the moment where a person is coming in or out. Our priority is watching out for our relative with dementia wandering out at night time, although knowing that carers are on time is a reassurance. Any thoughts please?

Hi @jantel! During these instances described, is there a motion just beforehand? Motion frequency is a feature common on our battery devices, and used to extend battery life. When set to anything other than “frequent”, it will prevent excessive motions from capturing in high traffic areas. I always recommend setting this to frequent so that back to back motions can always be captured.

Please also check wifi signal, as the concerns described can also be related to communication variables. Check out our Community post about RSSI for tips on optimizing this signal strength.

The carer should have no impact on your Ring devices, but if you have concerns about specialized burglar tools, we recommend adding a second Camera to obtain more coverage for your ‘Ring of security’. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thank you Marley, your reply makes good sense. The carer we were concerned about has appeared this evening so we can stop being concerned that she’s avoiding it somehow. I’ll check the frequency motion setting again. The WiFi setup is a mobile router rather than a telephone cable setup. We didn’t want to sign up fora 24 month contract so a mobile sim gives us the most flexibility. It’s probably not the most robust of WiFi setups but it’s largely good. We we able to intervene yesterday when the relative left the flat unescorted in a confused state. After calling local carers we were pleased to see her via the camera coming back to the flat with the help of a good neighbour.

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