Camera Not Recording Visitors

I was expecting several packages to be delivered today. I stayed in the back part of the house thinking I would be chime notified as my packages were delivered on my front porch.

About an hour ago I checked my front porch and had five packages that had been left. My doorbell chime never went off and there is no recording of the packages being dropped off.

There is video of me bringing the packages in the house and I just recently installed a fully charged battery.

Is it common for the doorbell not to chime and record visitors at the door? How can this be remedied?


Hi @Rastateach! This can be fine tuned through your motion settings. Battery powered Doorbells will have settings such as motion frequency and recording length, which are meant to preserve battery. Please ensure these settings are not interfering with recordings and back to back captures.

If a motion was recently detected and logged in your event history just before the delivery, motion frequency setting might space out time between the next motion events. If you have stairs leading up to your entryway, many neighbors have found success with our Wedge Kits, which can be found on our accessories page at I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I had a similar problem with not detecting motion and it ended up being a Settings issue. You can check your device setup to see if this may be an issue for you as well. Under Motion Setting the Motion Zones blue area was rotated to the bottom of the image thereby removing any valid motion detection region. I rotated the detection region up and ring is now detecting motions. Also check the status on the ON/OFF detection slices to double check those areas are enabled for motion.