Camera not detecting visitors/responding to rings

I’ve had my ring battery doorbell two weeks.

So far it’s missed two deliverie:

First:the box is quite visible in the hourly snapshots from one hour to the next. No motion detected, no person detected, no doorbell press registered, no package detected. Just a package appearing on my doorstep in full view of the camera.

Second: Amazon delivered to my safe place. No motion detected, no person detected, no doorbell ring. I imagine the driver pressed the doorbell and got fed up of waiting.

And twice it’s detected a person outside of my motion capture zone, despite the target not entering the motion zone at all.

Everything is set up perfectly, motion frequency is not a factor, since no video was recorded for hours prior to these events. Not disarmed. I don’t have any WiFi or internet issues.

As far as I can tell, it just seems to stop working for either detection or doorbell presses for periods of time. Pretty disappointing product really.

First incident, package clearly visible. Only a ninja could have delivered it.


Hi @user70016. I would suggest walking the path your delivery driver takes to see if the doorbell will capture you. Try doing this around the same time of day as the delivery to recreate the same event. Be sure to adjust your settings in between test to see what settings perform the best. I hope this helps.

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