Camera not capturing motion

Once again my floodlight cam does not capture motion right on front of it! Makes no sense when the cam captures the whole driveway but doesn’t capture me backing out. Worked yesterday. What good is a motion camera if it doesn’t work all the time. Very disappointed.

Once again no notification or recording of me driving right in front of the camera. Do ring specialists monitor these posts?

Hi @sgesualdi. Pertaining to your concern about the Floodlight camera and motion detection with it, have you tried adjusting some of your motion settings for the camera? That would be done from the motion settings tab under your device’s profile. Below I have referenced some help articles relating to your concern, if you could please review them and see if any of them help clear it up for you:
How Motion Detection Works on your Floodlight Cam

Proper Positioning for Your Floodlight Cam
Using the Motion Sensitivity Slider on Your Floodlight Cam
Not Receiving Motion Alerts on My Floodlight Cam

If you are still running into this, please reach out to our support team at 1-800-656-1916 for further troubleshooting and more individualized support!

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Thank you for responding. Yes I have adjusted the motion settings. I am familiar with the zone box you can adjust in the app. I’ll have to call the 800
number for help. Thanks again. S

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This camera does not capture when I’m parked right in front of the driveway at all and it is pointed in that direction! I have checked and adjusted motion range settings. I tried calling the service number – useless as the person just kept repeating what I said!

Yeah, if I could warn people somehow I’d tell them not to waste their money. What good is the camera to see who’s there when you’re not when it’s unreliable. It’s funny you should respond now as I just pulled into my garage and no notification of motion and it isn’t on snooze. The light went off so it saw something move. Ridiculous.

These cams work best if the object crosses the field of view and not straight on or out. I slight angle should help for detection.