Camera no longer shows up in Account

Hello, my indoor cam suddenly no longer shows up in my account. When trying to set it up again, a message appears that it has been setup in another account, so I cannot go ahead.

This is really upsetting. Why would the camera just vanish from my account (that has two-factor authorization, no hacking), and I even cannot bring it back in.

Does anyone have a clue to what can be done here?



Try calling. I am experiencing the same issue. Once I have the answer I will give results. Until then anyone else with the same issue would be very appreciated.

Hey neighbors! If you see that your device is already set up on another account, it could be under an email address you no longer have access to, on a second location, or possibly with another owner (spouse who may have set up the account). I recommend to check if it’s on a second location first, which you can see in the Ring app > Main Menu > Click on location name above Dashboard > and then see if you have another location. Select any other named location and go to Devices to see if the Device shows up there! If you cannot see it, reach out to our support team here. They can escalate this up for device ownership and look into it further for you. :slight_smile:

Support has helped me to resolve this issue. For some unknown reason, the camera has been transfered to some other (old) account, that no longer had been in use by me.

So with this help, the camera is back up again.

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