Camera no longer connecting to wifi

I purchased 2 “Spotlight Cam Battery” cameras on 9/19/2017 and have never had a problem until recently. I checked the Ring app and noticed that one of my cameras was no longer connected to wi-fi and so I got out the ladder and tried to perform the “reconnect wifi” setup procedure. Pressing the top button did nothing. Pressing the top button for 20 seconds, waiting a minute, and then pressing the top button also did nothing. I think the camera is just plain broken now. I checked and it looks like there is a 1 year warranty so that’s not going to help me.

I am resigned to purchasing a new battery camera to replace this one.

My question is: when I purchase a replacement camera, how do I remove the broken one from my “basic” plan and then add this one instead?

Also, is there some other troubleshooting option I might try? Full disclosure, I bought an extra battery pack so both of my cameras have two batteries inside them so I only have to take them out for charging half as often. Also, the batteries in the broken camera are both at 100% state of charge as I had charged them a few weeks before this camera broke. The app still shows the batteries in the broken camera to be around 100% each (all green).

Thanks for any help you might offer!

Hey @jpdhonda. There normally are a few more troubleshooting steps you can take with our support team here! They can take your concern over the phone and walk you through any other steps you may be able to take in order to get the device back up and running.

To answer your question on the removal of one device and adding another, one you remove the device from your account under the Device Settings > General Settings > Remove this Device, it will leave your Basic Plan waiting for a device to be added. Once you set up the new device, it should just take on the Basic Plan and you’ll be good to go! Note that any new setup will give you another free 30 day trial, so feel free to even cancel the plan and then re-sign up later. :slight_smile:

Dear all,

My ring indoor cam does no longer connect to the internet. It was working perfectly yesterday (when I received it). I moved it to another room and it is not connecting to the internet anymore. It is working since I see the blue light coming on every now and then.

I have reset the internet, pushed the top button for 30sec, removed the device in the hope I could set it up again, but none of thes option reconnect the camera to my app/network. The blue light will not start blinking again, whatever I try

Any thoughts?

Hey @RingM. It’s possible you may need to adjust some settings on your router to allow the Ring device is connect and stay connected for future. Please check out our Ring Help Center Article here to learn more about the settings to adjust and see if it helps you connect the device once again! In addition, I recommend trying to plug it into another outlet if you cannot get the blue light to come on at all or flash. In the event you cannot get the device into setup mode at all, please give our team a call here.

That does not solve the problem. The camera is simply not configuring. The blue light wont start blinking. Is there anyway to completely reset it? The button on top doesnt work.

@RingM The reset that you have already preformed with pressing and holding down the setup button for 30 seconds is the only way to reset the device at this time. Other than that, you can try other outlets to see if you can get the blue light to blink again, which means it is in setup mode. If you are unable to get the device into setup mode, you will need to give our support team a call here. Feel free to come back and let us know what happens on the call, as this may help other neighbors in the future! :slight_smile: