Camera Motion Trigger on Exit Delay?

I am trying to set my cameras so that when my alarm is in away mode, if the alarm triggers or motion is detected then the cameras start recording. This is working fine. However, one of my cameras is pointing at the primary entry/exit door where the keypad is also located that I use to arm my alarm. So when I am at the keypad and I arm to away, the camera immediately detects motion and starts recording even though the 30 second exit delay didnt run up. Is there a solution for this so the camera doesn’t record until after the 30 second exit delay?

Hi @ringadingaling1. The Exit Delay applies to the Ring Alarm system itself, and not your Cameras or Doorbells. This means there is no Entry or Exit Delay that can be applied to motion detection on your Cameras or Doorbells. If they detect motion, they will record the motion as that is how they’re designed to behave for regular motion detection. I hope that helps answer your questions. :slight_smile: