Camera motion settings for shared users

I have a few shared users and they do not seem to have options to manage their own “Motion Settings” for any of the cameras. Because of this the shared users keep getting unnecessary motion alerts and notifications. There is no way to customize the notifications/area of security, etc.

The motion settings on my primary account are not replicated across the shared users if that is how it is supposed to work…

What am I missing here?

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Hi @chebad. Shared Users will not have access to edit the Motion Zones or settings on the Camera, only the Owner can. However, they should have the option to toggle Motion Alerts on or off on the device profile page. This is how they can control whether or not they receive alerts when motion is detected.

Thanks for the response.

That does not make sense as my family members need to see what they need to see and not turn off motion settings completely (notifications). I am not sitting at home the whole day and so someone else monitors in my family and they are a shared user. This use case is important and very common.

This means that shared users are second class citizens and so they cannot monitor the system efficiently/effectively. Not sure how this was missed as a consideration in the feature.

Is there a way I can request for an enhancement for this feature to be added to the product?


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@chebad I think there’s some confusion here. Shared Users cannot adjust the settings of your devices because your motion settings are the ones that are in place. However, Shared Users can control notifications for themselves and access the Live View of Doorbells or Cameras that they are shared on to monitor as needed. I hope this helps clear things up.

Hi Caitlyn,

I am having the same issue as the author here. I am a shared user for my home with my fiance, and she has her motion settings setup so that she only gets notifications from people who enter the zone.

For my account, those settings are not applied and I get notifications as if there were NO motion settings. So I am getting a ton of SPAM motion detections, but I cannot completely disable the setting because I need to be able to see the events as well.

I think what we want is to have motion settings be available for all users OR the motion settings need to be applied from the owner to all shared users.


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I’m having the same issue as both of the previous posters.

So to be clear, the owner of the account can adjust motion settings as needed. But for me, a shared user, I can only turn on and off the notifications and I cannot access the owners zone settings?

Hi @Lxb931. Shared Users cannot edit Motion Zones or motion settings for a device they are shared on. Only the owner of a device can edit these settings. Shared Users can toggle Motion Alerts on or off in the Ring app.

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