Camera motion notifications when disarmed

Hello, seen this topic discussed on many boards but no resolution.

I have the full suite of ring alarm, sensors, and cameras. I am bombarded with motion detection notifications when I am home, and I want to snooze all motion detection push notifications when I my alarm is in disarmed mode. I DO still want the cameras to detect and record motion and save in history, I just want the push notifications paused while disarmed.

It seems the only option is to disable the camera completely in disarmed mode. This is a huge gap in security. Has Ring made any progress on implementation of this feature? Thank you

Hi @user79948. At this time, notifications are not tied to the Modes settings. Neighbors have requested this to be an option before, and I’d recommend adding your feedback and vote to this thread in our Feature Request board. In the meantime, you can use the Motion Snooze or Global Snooze feature to temporarily silence alerts from your Ring Doorbells and Cameras for a specified amount of time.