camera motion detection range

Is Ring planning on providing a camera that has a motion detection range greater than 30’?

Hey @frazier-jim! Our devices are designed to fit various environments, allowing neighbors to fine tune their experience through settings and mounting. If any one device is not entirely capturing the area, we recommend adding another Cam to your “Ring of security”.

Check out our feature request board as well, where you can make requests for features or additions that we regularly share with our teams here. :slight_smile:

The problem I have is that I can’t install a second camera. The distance between where I can place a camera and the object I wish to watch is between 95 and 100 feet away. Motion detection range only goes out to around 30 feet. I do not wish to expose the second camera where anyone could take it. I need a camera with a much larger motion detection range.

Thanks for those details! That is certainly a long distance to cover for motion detection. The best solution for a range like this would be to add a Smart Lighting Motion Sensor and Bridge. The Motion Sensor can be placed in the desired area of your property, and then linked to trigger your Cam or Doorbells to record via the Bridge.

While the Bridge is intended to be placed in your home and connect to your in-home wifi, it will then communicate to your other Smart Lighting devices through a low power radio frequency that allows your Motion Sensor to connect at a much further distance than wifi would.

The cameras used to have the ability to adjust the length and width (turning on and off areas) of what would be recorded. Now it seems like you can only turn portions on and off. Such a bummer! The note now says that if you want to detect more then tilt the camera up which loses the motion below. Is there any way to revert my camera back to older settings which were much more capable of meeting the needs of the camera users? I feel like a majority of our camera are not even worth it anymore.

Hi @Tuckerblue! If you have wired Camera devices, this change is likely due to our newest motion updates. Check out our help center article and FAQ for more information on how this works. As we are always working to improve and add to our devices, this is a feature that comes in the form of an update and can not be reverted. We always value our neighbors feedback, and will be sure to share your experiences with our teams here. In the meantime, feel free to let us know if you need any assistance with fine tuning the motion settings.