Camera missed motion and timeline missing 1 hour of history

Someone came onto my property within my set zones and the cameras did not record. I checked the timeline and could see this happen as my cameras are set to take a snapshot every 3 minutes. Now a day later I need to go back and view that piece of history again but it is missing. The timeline is now missing an entire hour of history. How is this possible? I can see the lapsed recording timeline for the rest of the day but the 1 hour I need to review is now gone.

I recently have had this issue.

Hi @mommy2b_us. Ring Cameras do not record 24/7. If there was no motion event recorded at this time, there would be no video in the Event History. The Snapshot Capture images should still be there at the selected time intervals, unless they were deleted or the Camera did not have a wifi connection during that time frame. To view and download Snapshots, make sure you are on the Event History Timeline, as Snapshots are not available in the Event History tab.