Camera is detecting everyone except one person

So we recently start es renting a room downstairs and the new person uses our driveway it’s visible in the doorbell camera, but two weeks after he moved in it started to not detect him or his car parking at all. The camera even detects movement farther from where he is parked but won’t detect him walking on our sidewalk or his car. Is there a way for him to block the camera from seeing him or could there be a way that he hacked it? It’s just very weird that it detects everyone except him and his car

Hey @Hanniadm. Other people should not have access into your devices, unless they are a shared user, and do not have a way to stop the device from detecting motion. If the camera is online and showing recording of events otherwise, then the device is still functioning as it should without interruption from others.

It’s possible you may be having a concern with the overall quality of how your motion detection is. After you able to try pulling into your driveway like how they do, and walk inside like how they are? They may also have a slightly different routine or way of coming to the home than you may have, which could be why they are not being picked up. I recommend to play around with your motion sensitivity, possibly making it a higher sensitivity to see if it can pick up more, including this person.