Camera is blurry and has ring round it

I have two ring doorbell.
One of them works great and has a great picture.

The other have a ring around it as if the camera is too far back from the lense and the quality of the picture isn’t great at all.

The WiFi signal is RSSI-66
However the one with RSSI-75 has a great photo so I don’t believe it is the WiFi signal. I have a suspicion that the camera isn’t in the device correctly.

Anyone else had this issue?

Photo attached of poor picture

Hi there, @Craigpat! Although video may look good, these RSSI readings are an indicator of distance, interference, or both. While one device might provide acceptable video quality, despite the RSSI reading, it is possible this signal strength could impact both devices at some point. As an example, your Doorbell might have a -75 RSSI solely due to distance or a tough exterior wall, but the router is strong enough to still communicate as intended. Whereas your Doorbell with a -66 RSSI might have that RSSI due to distance, multiple walls, multiple floors, or large appliances. Signal interference can be caused by many things, as described in our Community post about RSSI. Improving the line of sight between your router and your Doorbells, or even using an extender, will help best with video.

Hi there @Craigpat
I got given a Ring doorbell 1 yesterday that I know has been dropped many times whilst being removed for charging, it has the same issue! though the picture quality is good it it has the same tunnel vision as per your picture.
I am guessing your thoughts are correct as in the camera may have been dislodged & moved back giving that rounded look.
I will dismantle this one over the weekend as take a look & report back unless of course you have already resolved this issue…
Best regards

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I had my Ring Video Doorbell 3 installed yesterday on my front door and the picture has a ring around it.

As far as I am aware it has never been dropped while in my possession as just came out of the box and straight onto the front door.

The wifi router is literally 5 feet away from Ring Video Doorbell 3, on the same wall as the front door and signal is strong

Am confused as my neighbour does not have the ring around the image on his Ring Video Doorbell and the image on mine has a ring around it.

Also, how far will the angle back tilt the image downward as I can not see the steps of my house where parcels are sometimes left and have too much sky or is there another way of changing the angle of the image such as less goldfish bowl
more normal view.

Kind regards

Hi there, @Cayo656! Depending on Video Doorbell model and the mounting area, there are times when the surrounding walls or an enclosed entry way can be picked up in the field of view. Try viewing the video in full screen to see if this view remains the same. If you have a Video Doorbell 3, the field of view should capture image for the entire viewing area.

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