Camera image refresh question

Hi all. Many here have had problems with the camera image refreshing under the Dashboard menu.

Can one of the moderators clarify under what conditions it is supposed to refresh?

At night, I switch the battery spotlight cam from Disarmed to Home mode. When I open the app in the morning, the dashboard camera image is frozen from when I switched to Home mode that last night. Only by togging between Disarmed and then back to Home will it refresh the image. OR, I can alternatively turn on Live View for a few seconds when entering the app in the morning on Home mode and it will also refresh.

Isn’t the image supposed to refresh every time you enter the app?

Hi @trail-explorer. I’d be happy to shed some light on this for you! The dashboard camera image should refresh each time you visit the dashboard, but this may not be the case depending on what settings you have enabled for your Modes settings. For example, you mentioned that you swapped to Home mode and then noticed that the image did not update on the dashboard preview. If you have Live View or Motion Detection disabled within your Modes settings for the Home mode, this will prevent the dashboard preview from updating with a new snapshot, as it disables Snapshot Capture. I’ll attach some screenshots below of what those settings look like in the Ring App.

If you have Live View and Motion Detection enabled, the dashboard image should update with new snapshots. If this is how your Home mode settings are configured and it’s not updating, please share some screenshots showing your Home mode settings as well as your dashboard when the preview image doesn’t update. Please also let me know what version of the Ring App for iOS you are on, as the current version is 5.4. I can then share that with my team so they can take a look. Otherwise, I hope this explanation helped clear things up for you! :slight_smile: