Camera icon bug

When a camera is ethernet connected the icon shows wifi. A minor bug, but I know the app has an ethernet icon for that purpose as the alarm base station shows the correct icon when ethernet connected. Just when you see the wifi icon it makes you want to check the settings to make sure it is still on ethernet (which you can see by checking camera health).

Sorry to hear you’ve been experiencing this. Knowing how your devices are connected is certainly important! Please share a screen shot of this concern in the app, and I will be sure to share it with the team for further investigation. Thank you!

I have attached two files. One show my base station with the correct ethernet icon. The other shows my POE camera but you can see it has a wifi connection icon (yes, a health check confirms it is really an ethernet connection). Tell the developers to look at any POE camera and notice that the connection icon shows wifi. Minor, but irritating bug.

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Thank you for sharing these with us! While we work with the team to get this resolved, could you please share one more screen shot showing the device health is connecting via ethernet?