Camera Hacking?

My wife and I were just watching tv and the blue light on the camera in my house turned on. We are the only two that have access to the cameras and neither of us were viewing the camera. I have motion disabled as I only use them when I’m gone. These are brand new cameras from amazon and I have two factor verification set up. I don’t see any events during the time the light came on on the cameras event history. Why would the blue light be on when I’m not viewing the camera?

Maybe because of fluctuations in the power.

Firmware update?

Hey @AC1! A blue light on your Indoor Cam can indicate several different things. Your Indoor Cam could be in setup mode, reconnecting to Wi-Fi, or updating its firmware. Even plugging the Cam into the power adapter can result in a blue light.

Rest assured that it is likely one of these above instances, especially since no events were recorded during that time. Our support team would also be more than happy to take a further look into this if you would like additional peace of mind. Follow this link to choose your preferred support location number.

Great job using the two-factor authentication as well - this creates an extra layer of security as you’ll receive a unique code via text message whenever anyone attempts to log in to your Ring account.

I know my cameras were or are hacked. I heard them talking clear as day. Even had it recorded. Went to listen to it the next day and it was gone!!