Camera goes offline and NEVER reconnects all the time


I have a hard wired flood light camera. It is connected to my wifi repeater. This has a good signal. I had to install the repeater because ring kept disconnecting from my router even though my house is so small the distance between the two is no more than 20 meters.

The camera goes offline and does not auto connect. I have to turn it on and off.

I have a battery operated camera in the shed that is connected to the same network and is much further away. No issues at all with that.

Ring help tells me it is network issues. Their support is terrible.

Can anyone advise?

Thinking of getting rid and finding a better product. I thought having a wired product would be a lot better but it’s terrible. If you go away on holiday and want to rely on your camera to check your property, I worry it is device offline. Waste of time.

Connectivity seems to be an issue that many have, myself included. So far, Ring support has not been able to assist me with my Spotlight Cam. I am thinking of switching to Eufy. It’s just disappointing after having the Ring service for 3 years, only to have it fail now.

Hey neighbors. What is the RSSI for you devices? This can be found in the Device Health menu. Your RSSI will determine your connection strength and connectivity. It is also a good idea to check for wifi interference, as this could also impact your connection. :slightly_smiling_face:

Did you have any luck with this? I have the exact same issue, both floodlights keep disconnecting but spotlights and stick ups and doorbell never drops off

If I hear “Rome wasn’t build in a day” one more time I’m going to rip the thing off the wall

Same issue. Cameras disconnect and then never reconnect. I have to reboot the router to get the cams to connect again. Initially I thought that the Internet might be down but thats not the case