Camera died within 1 year Warranty - Refurb - Warranty Not Honored

I purchased a refurbished Ring camera through Woot last year.

It was advertised even in the title, as having a one-year warranty and is currently within that warranty period.

I called yesterday to report the issue and to try to get my replacement and was told that even though my account was not activated till August 2023, the original account before it was refurbished was activated back in 2022 so it’s not giving an option to do a replacement under the warranty

They tried to sell me a new one at a discount instead of honoring the warranty.

It was a mess to even get the camera set up as they did not do a new activation code and I had to call and get assistance

It does not seem like Ring is doing a good job with these refurbished units at all and they need to honor their warranty and not try to do you a “favor” and sell you another one at a discount when your camera didn’t even last a year.

Has anyone else experienced this issue with Refurbished products and the warranty?

Hi @Unhappycustomer7. We do have a warranty with our Certified Refurbished Devices . However, if this device was not purchased through an Authorized Retailer or Ring Partner, it may not be covered under our warranty. Woot! is not an authorized retail partner, and therefore, there is no way to certify that the device they sold was refurbished by Ring, and this is likely the reason it was not covered under the warranty. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

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