Camera Device Health not working

Hi…two ring cameras on WiFi unable to see device health page (it’s blank). I’ve reinstalled app (ios) it the same on the other phones on our account. Doorbell is ok. Any ideas?


I’m having the same issue. Any answers to this one?

Same here, multiple cameras, checked from multiple devices and on different accounts, reinstalled the app, doorbell seems ok so seems specific to the device health page for cameras which is kind of important for using with solar panels.

Since yesterday! Would love for them to fix it.

I assume that Ring caused this issue and only they can fix this.

No device health on my stick up cams, pro cams still OK

Don’t worry someone from RING will come in here and post some nonsense like….

  1. Make sure you are not using a VPN
  2. Make sure your WIFI is working
  3. Make sure your house has power.
  4. Make sure you have fed your cats.
  5. Make sure you did not install the ios app upside down.

100’s of people will post a problem which was caused by RING. RING will never take responsibility for their issue. The RING representatives will do a copy and paste of useless info which will not answer the question or solve the problem.


I have 3 battery stickup cams. One is a Gen3 and that has the device health blank screen. The other 2 are earlier versions and they work ok. I’m thinking one of the recent app updates has caused this problem for Gen3 devices?

Same here, after update device health blank… works fine on my android tablet… uninstalled and re installed didnt work still the same… error in update i think

Chiming in on the issue! iOS app shows blank page for Device Health.
I have 4 devices, the only one affected is a Gen 3 Stick up Cam Battery with Solar attached.

Same here. Doorbell device health works. Just added 3 stick up cams and device health does not work on them. Using IOS.

Same… doorbell is fine. Camera not so much.

Yes wish someone from Ring would chime in.

I am having the same issue my Stick Cam Device Health is not working for 2 days now

Same here, how to get it fixed?

Same here, no longer available on battery operated Ring Cameras. It happened on one of our iPhone 11 Pros and an iPad Pro after the App Store Ring App update (I think posted 6 days ago).

I lost first when I update the app on my phone… device health was still available on my iPad. The did iPad App Store update- no longer available.

Someone at Ring needs to look at the last app update!

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Exactly the same issue. Stickup cam. Works fine on Android. Does NOT work on the iPad. Reinstalling the app did not make any difference.

I have the same issue. Ring doorbell is fine, but my 2 cameras show a blank screen on health check. Why is this happening ?

Same here 3 cameras not showing Device Health. Ugh this need to be fixed

I called them yesterday after about 30 min wait got through. They put in a ticket to get it fixed. Hope that works!

My device health is blank on my stick up camera. I was told the problem was sent to the 24/7 team but that was several days ago. It works fine on ring doorbell. Getting frustrated with Ring!