Camera beeps loudly suddenly on its own

I would rather the camera be silent and only get alerts on phone. These beeps happen randomly and not coinciding with an event

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Hey @Kokopellia. Are you able to capture this beeping noise so we know what you’re referencing? It sounds like it may be the clicking sound the IR filter on the camera makes when activating, which is often when it’s too dark in a room for the image to be clear and bright enough.

No, it’s really loud and you can hear through the whole apartment. It beeps like 7 or 8 times -sometimes repeatedly. It’s annoying!
I don’t want any audible sounds coming from my ring camera. Ring support couldn’t even tell me what was causing it (someone on amazon review did)or how to stop the device from making any sounds . I want it to be silent-especially cuz it so easily goes offline. A phone notification would be sufficient! It happens whenever it goes offline even though my WiFi is usually working when it happens.
Other than this, it’s been great. But this happens frequently and could be any hour.

@Kokopellia Thank you for getting back to me! To be honest, I’m still not too sure what this loud beeping is and why you would get this when the camera goes offline. Does it sound like it’s in setup mode? If you could capture a video the next time you hear this in your apartment, that would be fantastic, as I can reference this to dive deeper for you to see how you can avoid this. Also, if your device is falling offline a lot, you may need to ensure your ports and protocols and adjusted to allow the Ring device to stay connected to avoid it from falling offline.

This is happening to me too. Any solutions?

I wanted to add some more info to this subject. I just started getting this annoying beeping as well. It does not appear to be wifi related for my signal strength is strong and does not go offline. There is no pattern to why it does it but both red lights are on and it is recording when it happens. I think someone may be on the right track about the infra-red possibility.

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Happening with mine too.

Had the camera about a year and last couple of weeks has started randomly doing it, been in same place all this time.

its annoying as its loud and intrusive.

Hey neighbors! We have a similar thread regarding a beeping noise coming from some Ring devices here. Our team has been notified and is looking into it, so I’d recommend keeping an eye on the thread I linked for any further updates. :slight_smile:

My indoor camera recently started beeping randomly and on its own. Could it be related to an update? Could it be related to the siren feature? Very annoying!!!


I had the same isssue (started in 8/2020) and thus far only is happening on one stick up cam…annoying that Ring is blind to the issue. A reset is all it needs:

  1. Take off the battery cap.

  2. You’ll see an orange button - hold for X-seconds (not sure, try 10) - this will remove the camera.

  3. Go back to the Ring app - tap the 3 vertical lines in the upper left.

  4. Tap “Set up a Device”

  5. Follow the screens. You’re essentially following the same steps you did when you first bought the camera.

…this worked for me…good luck.

well…guess what. Ring did a firmware update and the annoying beep is back. kept us up all night and kids could not concentrate during their studies. Ring needs to get this fixed ASAP!!!

Mine too I will try disconnecting and reconnecting again

My indoor camera was doing the same thing, I ended up switching batteries, and its stopped. Now my other camera is beeping, I wonder if it has to do with battery?

Mine doorbell is doing the same thing. Red lights turn on and camera beeps when there is motion. Dog won’t go on the porch any longer. Unit has not always done this either.


This is happening to me too- loud beeping continuously for hours. Any solutions?