Camera and motion detection stopped working in Ring Pro 2

My Ring Doorbell Pro 2 wired has only partly worked for the last few weeks - before then it was fine. The doorbell works and is connected to the wifi, but the camera no longer connects, nor does the microphone/speaker on the doorbell. When someone rings the doorbell, we get the ring on our phones, our Echo Show and our two Ring Chimes.

I’ve tried a factory reset, and switching to and from the extender on one of the Ring Chimes, but nothing has helped.

Any ideas anyone?

Hi @Roel. What is the RSSI showing as on the Device Health page? This is an indication of the signal strength. Are you receiving a specific error message when trying to activate the Live View? The Live View needs to connect in order to use the two-way audio. Feel free to share any screenshots that demonstrate what you’re seeing on your end.

Hi @Caitlyn_Ring

Thanks for replying.

The RSSI when connected directly to my Wifi is -59, which it is at the moment. When connected via the Chime Pro, it’s -47. The camera isn’t working with either. Live View says Front Door can’t connect.

I think it’s a hardware fault, as the red lights no longer light up on the Ring when someone approaches it.

@Roel Thanks for sharing that screenshot. The connection on the Chime Pro is definitely stronger, so I’d suggest trying to use that. Since the signal isn’t the issue, there are a few other things to check.

  • Disconnect the mobile data on your phone and run a wifi speed test at the installation location of your Doorbell. Insufficient speeds would prevent the Live View from activating.
  • Review your network settings to see if anything has recently changed. Ensure the ports and protocols used by Ring devices are open as well.

If this issue persists after checking the above, please reach out to our support team at one of the numbers available here for more in-depth troubleshooting assistance. You can also get in touch with our support team on Facebook @Ring.

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Hi @Caitlyn_Ring

Thanks for your help. I telephoned Ring Support using the number in the link you provided. Ring Support found the camera to be faulty and sent me a replacement Ring Pro 2 doorbell. I’m very happy with the support I received. :slight_smile:

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