Camera 300 feet away

Hello, I’m looking at a a security system. Ring seems to be a great candidate. One question: I have a barn with power that is 300 feet away from my house with a few trees. Is it possible to set a ring camera up there? If so, what would I need?

Thank you,

Hi @glaperche. Your barn would need its own stable internet connection that can provide the Ring Camera with a wifi connection. Otherwise, most wifi extenders would not reach a distance of 300 feet, and a Ring Camera cannot connect to a wifi access point that far away as we typically recommend your Ring device is no more than around 25 feet from the wifi access point. You can read more about wifi and how to make it work for you in our Help Center Article here. I hope that clears things up for you. :slight_smile:

Thank you Caitlyn. I measured the wifi signal strength at the barn it is 39% to 50% . I get good reception as there is no obstructions. Does that matter or is it limited by the RING device’s ability to transmit at that distance?

thank you again,

@glaperche A distance of 300 feet is very far for a wifi connection and you likely would not be able to connect the Ring Camera or it would not maintain a stable connection, meaning it would disconnect. We typically recommend that the Ring device is roughly around 25 feet from the wifi access point, as any further than that and you will likely start to see wifi connectivity problems.