cámara offline

I have a ring cámara in a house I have in Cancun, I monitored it from Chicago and I have someone in Cancun who recharges the batteries when they go low but one weekend the battery was not charged for few days and they completely die, when we recharge the batteries the cámara did not go online
We try to reactivate by pressing the button on top of the cámara but that didn’t help…it looks like I have to reactivate the cámara but don’t I need to be there with my iPhone to reactivate it? Is it possible to reactivate remotely from Chicago?

Hey @TO1. If you are comfortable with it, is it possible that you can contact this person and walk through them the re-set up on a Ring app on their phone? They will need to log into your account on their phone, but if you can get them in the app under your account, then they should be able to help reconnect the device under the Device Health section. Otherwise, you will need to be there with the device to get it set up again!