Cam lights come on when arming and disarming alarm

Hi all,

May be a coincidence but when I arm or disarm the Ring Alarm my floodlight cam lights come on for 30 seconds then go off as normal. Is this correct? Nothing is in the cam sensor range. I have quite a good understanding of the app settings and linked devices etc but cannot see any setting for this if one exists at all? Has a recent update done this? I could live with it but just seems unnecessary. Thanks. Rob

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HI @rob040669. Is the Floodlight Cam the only Ring Security Camera you have? Are you arming the Ring Alarm on the Ring app or via the Keypad? It does sound like it could be a coincidence as the lights on your Floodlight Cam will come on whenever motion is detected as long as it’s dark enough outside. With that said, does this occur at any time of the day, or only at night?

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I have noticed the same thing on my system within the last several days. My floodlight cam lights come on when I arm and also disarm my system. It happens when using the keypad AND the Ring app on my phone. The firmware version on the floodlight cameras is 10.0.18.
It’s an unwanted waste of electricity but could also be a dangerous notification to those on the outside when I’m arming or disarming my system.

Same here. Just recently. Day or night when arming or disarming, the floodlights come on. This has the side effect of setting the dog off! When is this ‘feature’ being fixed @ring?

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I found the answer here - 1st gen floodlight camera shuts off before schedule - #39 by Frustrated427

Look for shawnwgates long post - it outlines the fix. Only took me a few minutes to get mine working correctly again.

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Same here. For the last few weeks (months?), floodlight cam lights come on when changing alarm mode–day or night. It does not happen every single time, but often enough for me to notice the pattern. I have no schedules or special mode set up.

Power cycling floodlights; clearing app cache; uninstalling and reinstalling app has not fixed the issue.

@PuyallupDan How can you see the firmware version? Mine just says “Up to Date” (android app). Also, I tried the shawnwgates “fix” that you suggested. Unfortunately it actually removed functionality that I do find useful. When I disabled the mode settings for cameras, it also stopped automatically turning on motion dection on cameras that were disabled. It seemed as if that fix was for a different issue of lights turning off?

Not sure if it’s related, but one of the floodlight cams lights on stay on when the light is toggled on. It keeps turning itself back off. It stayed on before, but for some reason no longer works.