Cam Battery Door Open

I have a very hard time getting the battery door to stay closed. I open it with the button on back of camera and try to close by holding both sides and pressing upward. Howevery it barely closes and will soon drop open. I have had to resort to using tape to keep door up. Is there a trick to keeping door shut?

I have the same problem. I have had this camera for about four years now. I have to slam it shut and sometimes it still takes 3 or 4 tries to get it to stay shut.

So there’s no solution to this? Makes the unit feel pretty cheap.

We’ve got a brand new camera and no matter how many time we’ve tried, we get the same error message about the battery door open.

Hey neighbors! This should not be happening. The battery hatch should close easily and should not read as open once closed. Please keep in mind that a poor wifi signal strength can delay the reporting of the hatch being closed in the Ring app.

If your RSSI is good, check the following:

  • Ensure the battery is all the way in the slot securely.
  • Check that there is no debris inside or around the hatch.
  • Close the hatch firmly to be sure the sensor knows it is closed.

If you’ve tried the above and it still shows as open, please reach out to our support team for more in-depth troubleshooting. Feel free to let us kow how it goes! :slight_smile:


I have the same problem. There is no debris, it just does not stay closed, wind or whatever. You unfortunately need to tape it closed. Not made very well.

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I have the same problem. The battery door will not stay shut. It seems like a poor design and I hope there is a fix for it. It’s pretty frustrating when you are just trying to do a quick battery change.

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I had the same problem and kept getting the message over and over again but when I read sometime it takes time to up date I left it alone for a few minutes and the system did update and the message did not come back.

Thanks Hziad. But my issue is the battery cover is very difficult to get it to latch. It keeps popping open

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It is poor design. Ring should redo the latching mechanism. I have same problem on all 5 spotlight cameras I have

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I had to tape the battery cover closed because the latch no longer works.

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Very cheaply made. I found this thread because my Spotlight just started showing this message and I’ve had it for over a year and only closed it once to put in two batteries. That’s it. It has never been open but it’s showing this error now even though it’s still transmitting images and has a high RSSI. Not buying any other Ring stuff. That’s for sure. Might need to switch to a real security system.

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It’s the software and not the cam. I have two spotlight cams and I’m getting the error message all of the sudden for both of them.


There’s an outage affecting Ring services and I believe it is causing the message to show up. One of my cameras showed the same alert a short time ago when I tried to look at its status. Must be a bug in the app that doesn’t handle issues with connection to the servers very well.

Same issue here. Battery door is shut tight but this error message coming up. Must be buggy software.

Yeah. This just happened to me aswell. Two cams that has been going for several years. Now all of a sudden apparently both battery doors has opened by themselves, at the same time! ? Happened today.

Yes, me too. I have 5 outdoor cams and they all started saying today that the battery door is open. RING please fix the software!

They are working on it

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Ours just started giving us the same error message today too. We’ve checked and done everything it says to do - and error message the same.

I am so pleased someone has confirmed this is a software issue and not my camera. I find it really tricky to close the hatch and because of where it is and having to fiddle and push it often moves so then I have to spend ages repositioning the camera for the best view. Fingers crossed the issue is resolved soon.